Steel Windows

The Look of Steel Windows

The clean lines and narrow frames of VistaLuxe Collection windows and doors can mimic the appearance of steel when finished in a dark color. Optional performance divided lites in square or triangular profiles further promote this interior aesthetic.

In addition to achieving the look of steel, VistaLuxe Collection products offer three important benefits for your project:

  • Better efficiency
  • Lower cost
  • Shorter lead times


Two Exterior Style Options

To perfectly match your architectural design and performance requirements, products in the VistaLuxe Collection are available in two different profile styles: Flush and Accent. Choose the style that best complements the design of your project’s aesthetic.

  • Flush
    Flush style VistaLuxe windows and doors are created with the sash in the same plane as the frame. For an extremely streamlined look, choose Flush style VistaLuxe products. Available with either double or triple pane glass.
  • Accent
    To add depth and visual interest to your project, choose Accent style VistaLuxe products. The sash is recessed from the frame to create a shadow line, while still keeping glass in the same plane across other Accent style VistaLuxe windows and doors. Available with either double or triple pane glass.

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