Window Features to Look for When Purchasing a New Home

Examine every home with a critical eye when it comes to the windows. You want quality materials in each room.

There are dozens of features to mull over when you’re looking to buy a new home. From the square footage to kitchen features, observing and evaluating everything can be overwhelming. One feature that must be prioritized is the windows. Look for these features regarding the window styles so that you can have a home that’s both attractive and energy efficient.

Dual or Triple-Pane Construction

A top feature to always look out for is dual or triple-pane construction. Single panes don’t control the weathering elements or sound very well. When front doors open and close, breezes seem to flow through the structure. Pick any window style, such as steel windows, that include gas-filled sections between the panes. You’ll notice that the cold and heat from the exterior is almost nonexistent in the home.

Vinyl Frames

Wood, steel, fiberglass and aluminum frames are possible in a new home. They’re all quality choices, but vinyl tends to win out among consumers. They’re reasonably priced with a neat appearance after installation. They can be deceptive at first glance so always ask about the frame type during a property visit.

Manufacturer Warranties

Ask the current owners about any warranties on the structural features. Recent installations typically come with warranties that cover certain parts and labor, such as casing concerns. Many of these warranties may be transferable to the new owners provided that they take care of the property. Any issues with the window installation might be covered by the installing company, which is a perk that every new homeowner desires.

Preferred Style

You may enjoy how the doors open up into a large, living space or when the entry area seems to greet visitors, but none of these aspects are as important as the overall, window appearance. Look for installations that improve the home’s decor. Casement windows give you a huge view of the world, but they may not be functional when window, air-conditioning units are necessary.

Double- or single-hung window styles are some of the most popular choices for new homes. Both of these styles can improve the home’s ventilation while protecting it from drafts. Pricing is usually the only reason why families choose the single-hung over the double-hung styles.

From aluminum windows to sliding doors, every glass pane has a beautiful view of the property. Although a property may not have new windows, quality products can last for several decades. Appreciate the features of each home as you move between open houses. Your chosen property should have window features that make the entire family happy.