Window Features to Look for When Buying a New Home

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Buying a home can be overwhelming; especially with the countless things, you need to consider before you can purchase. While you need to consider the square footage, cost and overall value of your new home, there are other details that may cost you in the long run if you overlook them during the buying process.

What Should be Taken into Consideration Before I Purchase a Home?

Before you purchase a home, it’s important to consider features that may need attention after the transaction. Here are a few questions to ask before you buy a home that could greatly impact your costs down the road:

  • Is the roof in need of repair?
  • Does the septic tank need to be replaced?
  • Is the foundation solid?
  • Does the HVAC system work?
  • Do any of the doors or windows leak air from the home?
  • Does the bathroom or kitchen need to be renovated?

While most of the items in the list above should be checked by a home inspector before you purchase, windows are often overlooked during the buying process. Replacement windows are an investment; that’s why it’s important to consider their value before purchasing a new home.

Residential Home Design Ideas One Source Windows & Doors Oklahoma

What is the Value of Replacing Old Windows?

Whether you’re selling your house or buying a new one, there are several benefits of replacing old, leaky windows. If you’re selling your home, new windows may greatly increase its value, sale price and curb appeal. According to, replacement windows are worth the money you invest in them. By investing in replacement windows, you can recoup about 70 to 80% of your investment in your home’s market value. For example, if you spend $15,000 on new windows, you can expect to increase your home’s value by $10,500 to $12,000.

If you’re buying a new house, you will also see the benefits of how to choose the right replacement windows. Experts found that 70% of home energy loss occurs in windows and glass. Investing in quality replacement windows will lower your heating and cooling costs; especially if you purchase high-quality ones.


What Should I Consider Before Purchasing Home Replacement Windows?

  • Quality over price. When looking for replacement windows, it’s important that you don’t base your decision solely on price. Be wary of windows that are low cost, because they are likely low quality and will perform poorly. It is also important to look for hidden costs. You may see advertisements for $189 replacement windows, but like most things, you get what you pay for. One Source offers replacement windows that will last a lifetime; not just a few years.
  • Ask the right questions about installation. Before you buy, it’s important to be informed about the installation process. A window is only as good as its installation, so it’s imperative that your windows are properly installed. One Source’s professional installers will walk you through the process so you know exactly what to expect when your new windows are installed. We want you to be comfortable with your purchase; that’s why we maintain transparency throughout the entire project. At One Source, we manage the process from the beginning to the end to ensure a stress-free experience for our customers. We design, manufacture, install, guarantee and service your windows, making us a one-stop shop. If anything goes wrong, you call us, not a third party.
  • Consider which type of window is best for your home. A window can change the aesthetics of a room; that’s why it’s important to consider which window style is best for your space. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a window style:
    • Where is the window in your home?
    • How do you want the window to function?
    • What type of space is the window going to open into or adjacent to?
    • How easy will it be to access the window?
    • How will you use the window?
  • Customize your windows. When purchasing windows, it’s also important to think about what custom options are best for your home. One Source offers endless ways to personalize your windows with custom options that allow you to match your windows with your home’s unique style. One Source’s custom window options include:
    • Interior and Exterior Color Options
    • Number of Configurations
    • Energy-Efficient Glass Options
    • Custom Glass Etching Styles
    • Custom Grids and Grilles


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