Window and Door Replacement: Payment Options and Time Frames

Window & Door Replacement

When it comes to a window and door replacement in your home, the amount you pay in the end will depend on the number of windows you’re trying to replace, their existing condition, and often whether you envision any additional expansions. That’s why window projects can add up to between several hundred and several thousand dollars. And while it’s difficult to estimate on the spot, the two main questions that homeowners want their windows manufacturer to answer before starting on a window and door replacement project are, “how much will it cost me?” and, “how long will it take?”

While these questions are very important, the right answer is relative to your home and your window replacement.

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How much does a window replacement cost?

It is best to think of window replacement costs not indefinite numbers, but rather price ranges. Of course, the size and number of windows you have will play a big role in the dollar amount. Many homeowners who have a lot of windows, for example, choose to do replacements in stages to spread out the costs. The features included in your windows will also have an effect on the price. Triple pane windows, for example, cost more than double pane but are more efficient, resulting in long term savings. Similarly, a full-frame window installation is a lot more thorough and effective than a retrofit but also puts your window replacement in a higher price range.

In this post, we want to discuss how homeowners often pay for their replacement windows and doors rather than how much. Having a solid plan for purchasing new windows can alleviate a lot of stress when it comes time to pay on the day of the installation. It can also help prepare you for any additional or unforeseen costs associated with your replacement.

How much is a down payment on new windows?

Pretty much all window replacement projects today require some sort of a down payment. The down payment is the first step of paying for your windows replacement project, and ultimately getting it underway. Much more than a partial payment for the work to be done, the down payment is an act of good faith between the homeowner and the window suppliers. The industry standard is to collect as much as 50% of the total balance to as little as 20%. Most companies set their down payment at around 25% of the full price amount. This amount is collected to cover the cost of manufacturing the windows and doors.

Considering that custom windows are the most popular for renovation projects, the likelihood of them being re-used for another project is highly unlikely. Most window companies won’t actually begin manufacturing your custom windows until the down payment is paid, that is why the expectation is often for the down payment to be made at the time the contract is signed or at the during the final measurement of the windows. If you are hesitant about paying any money up front, keep in mind there are laws that protect you as a customer. By law, you have the right to cancel any contract within ten days of signing it, and the company must return any down payment you made in full.

Window and Door Replacement Payment Options

In today’s day and age, it is possible to pay for a home improvement project in more ways than one. The conventional method of payment, cash, is less secure but is still widely accepted. Window companies may sometimes be willing to give more of a discount if you are paying a portion of your replacement in cash. Be sure however that everything is still accompanied by appropriate work, and anything you and the project consultant agreed on is written in the contract.

Another popular payment method is by personal cheque. This is convenient because you don’t have to carry or withdraw large amounts of cash, and cheques are some of the most secure documents when it comes to monetary transactions.

One of the most convenient payment methods for replacement windows and doors is a portable terminal. Most window crews today are equipped with a secure terminal and can process an Interac or a credit card payment on the spot. If you for some reason have doubts or do not feel comfortable using the mobile terminal you can also call the company yourself and pay securely over the phone.

Financing A Window Replacement

What options are available to homeowners if they are not able to pay for their replacement project right away? While most companies do not finance projects themselves, it is possible to arrange window financing through a third party.  If you are looking for financial flexibility, and alleviating some of the costs of your window replacement, consider applying for financing through your window company. A good window company should complete and submit the paperwork for you and proceed with the replacement only once the financing is approved.

Window Replacement Time Frames

Inevitably, the discussion of how to pay for windows turns to how long you have to pay for them. As we mentioned above, you often have to pay some amount for the final order upfront. But if your installation is some time away, this may give you a chance to be financially prepared when the day comes. The question of time is a little bit more difficult to answer as it is highly dependent on the contents of the order.

Rather than the type of installation, an order’s production time depends more on the additional options and window styles. Standard delivery time for custom made windows is 6 to 8 weeks from the time the order has been placed. To meet a deadline the window manufacturer has to make sure that certain processes are done on time. A final measurement appointment should be set up within a week of the contract date. Within 3 or 4 weeks, you should be notified that your order is in production at the window factory. Finally, around the 6 to 8-week mark, you should get a call to schedule an installation appointment. The production of vinyl windows usually takes 1 to 2 weeks depending on the number of windows. The following modifications can extend production to 3 or 4 weeks. Among window styles, shaped windows require the most time to manufacture. The option to have the exterior of the windows be any color other than white will also prolong production. Finally, if you have entry doors in your order you will also be looking at a longer than usual delivery time. During busier times, window companies may take as long as 8-10 weeks to manufacture and install the order, leaving you nearly two months to save for the final payment.

While the above information is not exact, it is definitely something that you can clarify with your product consultant during an appointment. Now that you have a better idea of what is expected of you for payment you can better plan the scale of your project while knowing the time frames will allow you to plan your life around it.


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