Why Black Window Frames Make A Difference

The widespread love affair many of us have with industrial-inspired interiors has translated into a number of trends that can work in a variety of homes — industrial-style or not. One of the most alluring is black window frames and doors. They can work just as well in a contemporary home as on a modern addition, or sometimes even a century-old house in need of a cosmetic update. But are black window frames always a good idea? Let’s ask the experts.

Five reasons black windows and black trim are trending!

  1. Black windows eliminate the need for window treatments. Just say no to heavy window treatments. Black windows are meant to be shown off and accent your home décor.
  2. Dark window frames create a modern look. Black windows may feel outside of your comfort zone, but the end result will be a chic modern look.
  3. Black window frames create high contrast. Black window frames work really well with white or light-colored walls, creating a strong contrast.
  4. Black windows provide the perfect frame for your view. Use black windows to create a stronger connection with the outdoors and blend your outdoor and indoor spaces.
  5. Black window frames are timeless. The color black is elegant and goes with everything. No matter your home’s décor, inside or out, black window frames will be the perfect pairing.


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