When Is It Time To Replace Your Home’s Windows?

Deciding if it is time to repair or replace your windows is a big decision for any homeowner, and there are many factors to consider. Improving energy efficiency, improved function, household comfort, curb appeal and lowering your utility bills are all legitimate reasons for wanting to replace your windows. That’s not to mention the fact that new vinyl windows alone offer an 80% Return on Investment, making window upgrades a wonderful way to improve the value of your home. How can you tell if your windows are still doing their job or if they are on their last leg? Every part of your home has a lifespan and your home’s windows are no exception. There are 7 tell-tale signs that it is time to replace your windows.

You should consider window replacement if you are experiencing any of the following:

You Have Growing Heating And Cooling Bills

One of the reasons that homeowners decide to replace their windows is a lack of energy efficiency. Advancements in technology and breakthroughs in manufacturing in the past 20 years have given homeowners much high quality, energy-efficient choices. Quality replacement windows will offer most homes significant energy savings.

It Is Difficult To Open And Close Windows

Windows that are difficult to open or close are an indication that your windows may have reached their maximum life span. Layers upon layers of paint, water damage, warping, and wood rot all negatively impact operation, which most often cannot be repaired. Replacement is the best option in these cases.

Your Existing Windows Are Single-Pane

Single pane windows lack many of the features newer double or even triple-pane windows offer, chief among them energy efficiency. Double pane windows are insulated and the cushion of inert gas maintained between the two panes of glass keeps in heat during the winter and AC inside during warmer summer months. Installing double-pane windows will make a big difference in your energy bills, noise reduction and maintaining your home’s comfortable temperature. For the utmost in fuel or energy savings, triple-pane offers even better performance.

There Is Noticeable Condensation Or Fogging Between Panes

When you see condensation or fogging between your existing window panes, this is an indication that the window’s seals have failed. Depending on the available warranty, age and operability of the window unit, many times replacement is the only option.

Your Home Feels Especially Noisy Or Drafty In The Winter And Overly Warm In The Summer

The right replacement windows will reduce the amount of outside noise you hear in your home. Likewise, highly energy rated windows will eliminate drafts and cold spots while window coatings will reduce sun exposure that can age furnishings and quickly make a room too warm.

There Is Wood Rot On Or Around Windows

If there is visible rot on or around one or more windows, they should be replaced. Often, homeowners then choose to replace all of their home’s windows at the same time to maintain consistency and curb appeal.

Your Existing Windows Are Difficult And Time-Consuming To Maintain

At times, the upkeep associated with older windows is just too much. Many homeowners tire of repainting or repairing windows every few years and are searching for an alternative that will preserve the look of their home without the added upkeep.


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