What’s the Difference Between Garden Windows & Bay Windows?

If you have a lot of space, would you like bay or garden windows? What’s the difference between these types?

Garden Windows or Bay Windows can increase the sunlight entering your home, dramatically. These two window options allow you to enjoy sunny days, from the comfort of your home.

Garden Window Advantages

Generally, the garden window has a primary function of optimizing plant growth. It is a small protruding space, resembling a small greenhouse. Moreover, this garden window has a glass section on top for direct sunlight to help your plants grow. Plants can be a great addition to any home. Plants emit oxygen, so you can increase the level of oxygen in your homes with plants. Beautiful flowers can be a creative decoration of Mother Nature. The smells of wonderful flowers can refresh your interior. Garden windows allow you to put your plants in a great location. This ensures that your pets or children will not knock them over.


Bay Window Advantages

The bay window is a protruding fixture allowing for more light to enter your home. Generally, the center is a single pane and either side can be opened. Some install a casement window on either side to increase air flow. Family members might like to lay on a sofa in the bay window area, reading a book or listening to music. The top of the bay window is usually a slanted opaque rooftop, permitting rain to flow down it. Generally, the bay window will tend to be larger than the garden window. Bay windows also give your home, curb appeal. This is a unique feature, which is not available on other houses.

Plentiful Sunlight

When you add the best steel windows, you optimize the light shining in. Aluminum windows are stronger with a larger surface area of glass. New windows can spruce up a fixer-upper. Improve your casing, doors and make a welcoming entryway. You could upgrade your front doors too, while you are at it. When you wake up in the morning, having a breakfast nook can be a great fixture. You can add sliding doors or aluminum windows to complete the look. You can gauge the weather and then decide which doors to open or close. We have been proudly serving the State of Oklahoma since 2004. We can help you with any questions, you may have. We look forward to helping you create a great home.