What is the Best Window Frame Material?

When it comes to replacing your windows, you can’t forget about the complementary, window frame. Nowadays there are numerous window frame materials available to buy, but for most people, the options available can be quite overwhelming. Rightfully so, once you determine the features of your desired window picking a frame is the natural part. Without further a due, however, these are just some of your options available:


Wood window frames are pleasing to the eye and at the same time, act as highly effective insulators. They preserve cool air inside while resisting the heat coming from the outside. They are also easy to set up and are usually budget-friendly.

Despite this, however, wood also has a few cons. These include lack of durability in humid and rainy regions, as well as the maintenance required to keep wood looking consistently aesthetic. It is also important to note that, wood expands during the summer and contracts during the colder seasons. In response to the volatility in the weather, sanding, painting, and sealing may be necessary and therefore, may result in additional maintenance expenses.


Aluminum frames are strong and durable. Although they are not the best at keeping the hot or cold out, they are very capable of withstanding heavy rain and wind, which may be ideal for areas that experience harsh and unforgiving weather. Ultimately, aluminum frames are inexpensive, secure, and require low maintenance as opposed to their counterpart frame materials.


Fiberglass frames offer excellent thermal resistance in addition to their sturdiness. These frames are resistant to corrosive air pollutants and will not morph or erode due to varying temperatures or levels of moisture. They are best suited for industrial or coastal environments that often have relatively hot temperatures. Fiberglass is argued to be one of the top window frame materials when it comes to insulation; easily outperforming wood. If cost is not a huge issue for you than fiberglass is an excellent option.


Vinyl frames are affordable, reliable, and offers adequate insulation. Mainly they are mid-tier regarding framing materials, and their mediocrity places them in the middle of the pack in terms of effectiveness. With that in mind, however, they are most definitely in the upper tier in regards to price and affordability.

Concerning negatives, vinyl is susceptible to warping in hotter climates, and as a result, it is not recommended to use as the primary window frame material in areas that have tropical weather. In addition to their inability to cope with high temperatures, many individuals find vinyl to be below satisfactory from a visual perspective and as a result, feel that vinyl does not have the aesthetic appeal that other materials may have in spades.

All in all, however, every window frame has its pros and cons. Here at OneSource, we do our best to help you make an informed decision. For more information about our services contact us today! We understand that homeowners have many questions and we are always here to answer questions you may have! Let us help you make the most informed decision to help us turn your house, into a home.


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