Sliding Vs. Double-hung Windows: Which Option Is Best for My Home?

There are so many window designs to choose from. Sliding Vs. Double Hung: Which Is Best For Your Airflow In Your Home

Now that you are considering new windows, which design should you choose? Sliding vs. Double-Hung Windows: Which Option is Best for My Home? Weigh the benefits of various systems to choose the best for your living environment.

Sliding Window Advantages

You can move a sliding window easily from side-to-side to permit plenty of air and sunshine. When it is closed, it can be quite snug for superior energy efficiency. You can create horizontal airflow in your home. Its ease of use and simple design make it hugely popular. This is ideal for larger window applications. A sliding door gives you access to your porch, garage or other living spaces. There is very little effort exerted during opening and closing. This is ideal for operation by children or senior citizens. You can fit one of the sliding systems into tight spaces. It does not protrude into your living area; it is self-contained. This is better when you have more width in the room. The versatile, affordable sliding window system is easy to clean, quite durable and long-lasting.


Double-Hung Window Advantages

With the double-hung design, you can open the window from top and bottom. This gives you the versatility to handle different temperature and precipitation conditions. You can create vertical airflow in your home. This is better for rooms with more vertical space and high ceilings. Due to having two opening sections, this design might suffer from more heat loss than a single-hung design. Choose the right steel windows, casing and doors for your environment. It is a little trickier to operate this double-hung option.

Home Air Comfort

Creating the right air flow in your home can make all the difference. Your home air comfort can be greatly impacted by new windows. If you have sliding doors, you might want to have a matching window design. Find the right aluminum windows to fit your lifestyle needs. You can open your front doors for airflow in your entryway; but what about upstairs? A little fresh air can make all the difference. Higher oxygen levels will give your family members, more energy. So, open your windows and let the sunshine in. We, at One Source, know that homeowners have many answers. We are always here to answer questions you may have. This helps you make the most informed decision to create your home sweet home.