Preparing Your Home for Summer – While Under Quarantine

In these uncertain times, it’s difficult to prepare for the next day, let alone the next few months. While this summer might look different than years past, it’s important to prepare your home as usual, cleaning the house and performing any necessary maintenance before temperatures rise. As we spend more time in our homes, consider starting the following projects to prepare your home for the summer months.

Inspect the Home’s Exterior

The cold months are hard on your home. Harsh weather conditions can damage your home’s exterior, particularly your roof and siding. It’s important to thoroughly inspect your home to get an in-depth look at any areas that require maintenance. Check your roof for signs of damage, including missing or cracked shingles. Consider having a professional inspect your roof for further damage – if left unrepaired, it may need to be replaced.

When inspecting your siding, watch for areas of buckling, bubbling, or cracking – all signs that your siding needs to be replaced. Cracked siding is particularly problematic, as it allows water to reach the surface of your home. Left unrepaired, this could cause significant damage to your home.

In addition, be sure to look for any changes to the color of your siding. If your siding is stained or discolored, you could repaint or power wash it for a quick fix; however, you may want to consider replacing it with new vinyl siding in the future.

Inspect Your Home’s Interior

Your home undergoes significant wear-and-tear in the cooler months. Before the temperatures heat up, inspect your windows and doors for signs of wear. Damaged seals and poor caulking are some of the most common issues homeowners will face. In most cases, these issues can be easily be fixed with seals and weather stripping. However, keep an eye on these issues – what seems like a small problem now could be a big problem in the future.

It may seem simple, but make sure to open the windows in your home and make note of the ones that are difficult to open or close. It’s important to repair or replace these windows as soon as possible, as this poses a risk to the safety of those living in your home.

It’s also important to take note of any drafts you feel from your windows.  Drafty windows could let the cool air from your air conditioning escape while letting hot, humid air in causing your energy bills to skyrocket. If you notice drafts coming through your windows, we recommend replacing them with new, energy efficient windows before the temperatures get too hot.

Deep Clean Your Home

Keeping your home clean has been especially important the past few months. While it’s important to keep commonly used surfaces sanitized, be sure to clean other areas of your home, like your windows and underneath furniture.

We recommend cleaning your windows with a water and vinegar-based solution. Begin with the outside of the window and work your way inwards, making sure to clean the sill and the frame. You may find your windows look cloudy even after being cleaned – in some cases, it may be time to replace them.

Be sure to also clean under furniture, including couches, tables, and entertainment centers. If you notice any signs of fading or discoloration from the sun, consider purchasing new window treatments to block out the sun. If your windows are old, it may be time to replace them. Replacement windows are equipped with modern window class that allows sunlight into your home while blocking damaging UV rays.

When cleaning, be sure to keep the windows open for increased ventilation. Circulating fresh air throughout your home will remove pollutants that have been trapped inside including germs and allergens like dust and pet dander.


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