Is It Worth Replacing Windows Before Selling a House?

Is It Worth Replacing Windows Before Selling a House

A lot of our clients in Tulsa and Oklahoma City have reached out to us seeking recommendations on the issue of replacing windows before listing their home for sale. Needless to say, a home in tip-top shape is likely to sell faster and for a better value than a shabby home – but just how much window renovation should you consider before putting your home on the real estate market?

If you’re undecided on whether or not to replace windows prior to selling your home, rest easy and read on as we help you make an informed decision. We’re going to touch on critical pointers that will help you get a satisfying return on investment. Let’s dive right in; shall we? 


Are Replacement Windows That Necessary? 

First, it’s imperative to acknowledge that replacing windows before selling a house can significantly boost your return on investment. Nowadays, more and more house hunters prefer energy-efficient windows over older windows, largely because newer windows block UV radiation, thereby reducing energy costs. 

Unlike newer energy efficient windows, older ones let air from the inside escape outside and from the outside into the home. Consequently, your home’s HVAC system will have to work extra harder to offset such constant changes and to insulate the home against extreme weather elements. This high cost of running an HVAC system will eventually translate to exorbitant utility bills month after month. 

Because so many buyers are constantly on the lookout for energy-efficient homes, replacing the windows before putting the house on sale will improve your home’s marketability. As a matter of fact, the 2016 cost vs. value report from the National Association of Realtors suggests that homeowners who swapped their older windows with newer energy-efficient ones earned a whopping 72% ROI upon resale.


What Are Warning Signs That a Window Replacement Is Inevitable Before Selling a Home?

There are countless situations when you really must consider updating some or all of your home windows for marketability. Older or worn-out windows tend to discourage buyers looking for an energy-efficient home to live in right off the bat. The following telltale signs will help you determine if a window replacement is due: 

  • Inefficient/Inoperable Windows – Pay attention to how your windows operate and whether they’re still efficient enough to thwart UV rays. Older windows often end up letting drafts through and increasing your energy bills. If your windows ever show any signs of broken glass and latches, or inoperable springs or locks, swap them out with new windows ASAP. 
  • Windows Sitting Out of Plumb – Another key tell-tale sign it’s about time for replacement is when your windows are beginning to sit out of plumb, or when the curtains are starting to shift when the windows are shut. This causes draftiness, and drafty windows are less energy efficient. According to, your heating and cooling bills can rise 10%-20% higher should your windows permit air to leak. 
  • Warping, Bending, or Visible Rot – Take time to inspect your window’s sashes or frames. Do you notice any warping, bending, or discernable discoloration? These telltale signs show that moisture finds its way into your window sashes where it shouldn’t get access to. At this stage, replacing your windows is vital. 
  • Condensation – A broken seal can cause condensation or moisture build-up between double-pane windows. When moisture accumulates on the inner side of the outside pane, windows are much more likely to experience a warping issue occasioned by the condensation between panes. 
  • Noisy Windows – If your windows produce high-pitched sounds when opening or closing, it means they no longer provide adequate protection against outdoor elements. In that case, they weren’t appropriately sealed and you must upgrade them before listing your house for sale.


What’s the Average Cost of Replacing Windows Before Selling a House? 

Windows and doors are among some of the costlier pre-listing repairs sellers have to contend with. A standard vinyl window will cost you about $600 including installation fees. If you go for a wood window, you’ll likely part with around $900 per window. 

If you need to remove the existing windows and frames before installing the new window, your installer may also charge you an extra $100 per window. This means if you have an average home with around 10 windows, you may have to cough between $7,000 and $10,000 for the total cost of replacement windows. 

The 2019 Cost vs. Value Report from the Remodeling Magazine comprises a complete breakdown of what an average U.S. homeowner spends on window replacements. Here’s what the report documents on average national cost, average resale value, and return on investment: 


New Vinyl Window Cost

Vinyl windows feature vinyl frames and casing for excellent thermal resistance. They’re typically less expensive than wood windows, with a total cost breakdown as follows: 

– Average national cost: $16,800 

– Average resale value: $12,300

– Return on Investment (ROI): 73% 


New Wood Window Cost

Wood windows consisting of wood frames also ensure incredible thermal resistance. However, they’re more expensive than vinyl windows, with a total cost breakdown as follows:

– Average national cost: $20,520

– Average resale value: $14,525

– Return on Investment (ROI): 70.5% 

Keep in mind that virtually all home improvement projects never guarantee a 100% ROI. According to the Remodeling Magazine, there was no single home improvement project on their 2019 report that managed to recoup every last dollar expended. But even so, pre-listing upgrades, such as replacing windows before selling a home, can ensure a quicker sale, better sale value, and smoother negotiations.


What Values Does a Window Replacement Add to a Home? 

Replacing windows prior to listing your house for sale can positively influence a buyer’s willingness to pay whatever price you’re asking for – or at least close to your quoted price. Here are other ways new windows can help you sell your house quicker and for better value: 

  • Improved Curb Appeal

Looks do play a critical role when it comes to selling a house faster and for more money. Aside from functionality, new windows can serve as a decorative stance that underscores a buyer’s first impression. Whether your prospective buyers are driving through the locale or browsing for properties online, how your house presents itself can inspire their purchase decision. 

  • Turnkey Benefit 

Today’s home buyers are out in quest of a move-in ready property that requires little-to-no renovation after the deal has been sealed. Moving to a turnkey home takes the stress and financial burden off a buyer’s mind and encourages peace of mind. And truth be told, no sane property buyer would ever wish to do improvements shortly after closure. 

  • Soundproofing 

There are certain types of newer windows that can effectively block outside noise. If you’re selling a house in proximity to a busy street, an airport, or a train, you’d better replace your windows with new ones so the outside noise won’t aggravate your buyers. To ease your buyers’ worries and fears, go for noise-barring windows like laminated glass, double-pane, or triple-pane windows. 


Get Professional Window Replacements

Ideally, there’s more than enough data to support the replacement of older windows with new, energy-efficient ones before selling a house. This pre-sale home renovation strategy works like a magic bullet in attracting potential home buyers and contributing to a better selling price. If you’re ready to add great value and improve your home’s curb appeal before listing it for sale, give us a call at One Source Windows today. We are and will always remain your one-stop shop for pre-sale property renovations in Oklahoma and beyond!