How to Protect Yourself Against Replacement Window Scams

Have you ever fallen for a window replacement scam? If so you are not alone by any stretch of the word. Buying and installing windows is a sizeable investment in time and capital.  Most of them cost homeowners anywhere between $800-$1,000 per installation. Unfortunately, there are many scams targeted at homeowners and they succeed all too often. In this post, we at One Source Windows & Door will go through the replacement window scams that too many fall for.

Buy now or Never    

 Some window replacement companies claim that they offer sales if you buy three or four windows, you get one free.   What makes this tricky, is that in some cases these sales are legitimate. Before you make any commitments, we strongly urge you to evaluate the overall price of the windows you are buying.


Get Some Free

Many window replacement companies will claim to offer sales that if you buy three windows you get one free, or any other combination of buy x and get x free. This one can be tricky because sometimes it is a legitimate sale. However, we would urge you to look at the overall price of all the windows you’re buying. For example, you may find that they’re claiming to offer a free window with purchase of three, but their total cost of three plus one free may be more.


 Is It Too Good to Be True?  

Who does not like a  good deal? Deals are a mainstay of modern-day commerce, and merchants all over the world offer them,  While there may not seem like there is anything wrong with a deal you reach with a contractor, we urge homeowners to take a second look at the fine print. Homeowners should receive multiple bids before buying replacement windows and scrutinize the offers closely. Also, take note of how the sales representative or contractor made you feel. Were you uneasy when you met with him or her? Do you know why that is the case?  Sometimes it just makes more sense to trust your gut then gamble $800-$1000 dollars. Advertising is another bait and switch that homeowners should be aware of.

When someone advertises a low price, say $200, make sure to read the offer twice before you sign the contract. A price that low probably means that the window is a size that no one wants and/ or does not have energy efficiency options that more expensive selections would have. It is a distinct possibility that the true price could be closer to $500. When all is said and done the quality of the contractor is by far the most important factor,  Here is a great read about the importance of energy efficient windows for homeowners and how saves money for everyone Energy Efficient FAQs. 


The Bottom Line

Replacement window scams are a menace, not only to consumers but also to the industry as a whole. Protecting our customers is the top priority of One Source Windows and Doors. The fact is that installing windows and doors is a pricey investment. Very few families have the luxury of wasting $1000 or more. While the initial price may be $199, the financial consequences of getting the wrong window are far higher.