How To Maintain Steel Casement Windows

steel casement windows

casement window can be opened by the use of a crank or by hand. Casement windows can be purchased in many different types of materials. One of the options you have is to purchase casement windows made of steel. The steel is very hardy and will last for a long time. In order to extend the useful life of the casement window, you must make sure that it is properly maintained.

steel casement windows


Step 1 – Understand Your Steel Casement Windows

Before you can add steps to your home maintenance schedule, you must first understand the form and function of this type of window. In modern residential construction you will find steel casement windows, but is it possible to find them in older homes. Steel casement windows are far more common in industrial buildings. As a window choice, their advantage is their strength. Because of this, the actual window size (glass) can be large. Steel has some inherent problems. It can rust if not maintained.

Step 2 – Touch Up Paint

Steel casement windows may have a brushed paint on the exterior or may have been sealed with a different type of seal. In order to maintain the window, you need to make sure the paint or the seal is touched up on a regular basis. While peeling paint looks bad, it also can promote the intrusion of moisture, which can cause mildew and mold. At least once a year, you should touch up any peeling paint. Remember to use a sandpaper fit for steel to shave off any loose paint chips. Apply a new even and smooth coat.

Step 3 – Caulk the Joints

All of the joints and surrounding areas around the steel casement windows should be caulked once a year. Make this step a part of your spring or fall home maintenance routines. Check the space between the glass and the frame first. The old caulk should be scraped out and a new bead of caulk should be applied thereafter.


Step 4 – Maintain the Hinges

Having properly maintained hinges is important to the proper operation of your steel casement window. Over time, a hinge can begin to rust and once it rusts, it will not operate as perfectly as it once did. You may find that the casement window sticks and does not open quite as easily as it once did. In order to keep it from rusting, apply a rust remover a couple times a year and use a hinge lubricant (such as WD-40) to lubricate in between the hinges.


Step 5 – Clean the Windows

Ongoing cleaning of your windows will help to remove any excess dirt and grime that may have accumulated over the glass panes. Use a window cleaner that is not abrasive to the steel.