How Energy Efficiency is Revolutionizing Our Industry

Energy efficiency is the trend that is impacting aspect of our industry. Industries worldwide are being revolutionized by the latest innovations and the Windows and Doors industry is no exception. Few people recognize the role that windows and doors industry plays in sustainability efforts along with saving money. In our case, energy efficiency is shaking up or industry at a lightning pace. Old window or doors let air out of the homes. That results in higher bills for homeowners and more windows and doors. and  A Global Market Insights Report from 2017 has shed light on the magnitude of this change.  Our industry is worth $82 billion on a global level and will continue to grow for the next seven years. This growth is underpinned by homeowners looking for the latest customization trends in remodeling and design.


Energy Efficiency Is Driving Home Customization

Buyers of ours, and across the country, have been remodeling their houses and want a new look for them. With new innovations in window and door technology, more homeowners are looking for energy-efficient options to save money on their utility bills. In addition, instead of moving, many are opting to remodel the house of their dreams, rather than picking up and moving.  This has taken on a whole new meaning as window shapes and sizes are being installed.


Energy Efficiency is Leading to Customization           

Homeowners are looking for simple and contemporary designs, as well as brightening a room without sacrificing privacy. That trend allows professionals to discern what their customers are truly looking for in their space. Staying on top of design trends is important as well. Homeowners look for simple and contemporary designs, They also tend to like a  brightening a room that does not give away their privacy. This knowledge will assist professionals in helping customers navigate to what they are truly looking for in their homes. This demonstrates to the customer that you are truly willing to go above and beyond for them. And that makes moral as well as ethical sense.

The Future of Energy Efficiency 

The recent political chaos is having consequences for the energy sector, specifically uncertainty. There is some fear that the Energy program will face draconian cuts. Similar federal programs have been cut.  What it does is that it certifies window and door products, along with other products, as to whether they meet energy-efficient standards for homes across the country. The program is designed to educate the public on what choices might help them save money.  Potential elimination of this program and subsidy is what every homeowner should be concerned about. If that is the case it will be harder for window and door providers to provide the necessary supplies.

The Bottom Line

Those of us in the Windows and door industry cannot afford to ignore energy efficiency. While we can’t control every aspect of what happens we do have a big say. Consumers will continue to remodel their house and stay on top of the latest design trends. This presents companies, contractors and consumers unprecedented opportunity to shape the next generation of housing. This trend is not confined to just the United States. Globally demand for energy efficient architecture will continue to flourish. That said there are impediments to this progress as noted above. Were the Energy Star program to be cut the consequences would be disastrous for us and our customers. We cannot be complacent and take our eye off the ball especially in an era of intense national and international competition. Political considerations cannot be allowed to reverse all the progress that has been made over the past couple of decades.


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