Glass Options For Your New Front Door

If you are thinking about installing a new front door, you may not be satisfied with a solid door with no accents. If you really want your entry door to pop, you will want to explore glass options. No matter what door style you choose, from iron to wood, glass accents can improve your home’s curb appeal more than you realize.

Glass adds depth and dimension, allows natural light to flood the entryway, and provides an aesthetic appeal to guests, especially if you opt for etched glass or coloring. You have many glass options available to you, such as:

Clear Glass

This classic exterior choice allows you to see through the door in both directions. You will likely need window coverings if privacy is an issue for you. The good news is, window coverings can easily be switched out to complement seasonal changes or colors and textures within the home. Clear glass allows you to see who is knocking on your door so you can decide whether or not to provide access. Of course, by the same token, anyone can peer into your home from your front porch and see what you are doing. You can’t hide with glass!

Gray Tint

This casts a slight dark tint to your window to add an element of privacy. You may still need window coverings, though. During a sunny day, such a tint will prevent outside people from looking in. But if your porch isn’t well lit, you may have difficulty looking from the inside out to see who is there.

Brown Tint

This is similar to gray tint but offers a warmer tone and generally matches best with most homes.


This classic design simulates hand-blown glass, but it doesn’t feature the air pockets or bubbles that are common to this look. Light and vision can be a bit distorted but are enough for you to discern fuzzy shapes and people.

Water Cubic

If you’re looking for more privacy inside, this is a great choice because it offers extra distortion. You can detect movement but anyone standing outside won’t be able to see the detail of what’s inside the door. Water cubic is different from traditional block windows in that it has more random shapes than simple squares.


Featuring depressions on one side from the top down, this design simulates the appearance of rain flowing down the glass.


These feature small indentions that can disrupt vision through the glass while allowing light to still get through.


Sandblasted glass has finer indentations, leading to a more sleek and sheer appearance. It’s similar to pear, but it’s more formal.


This design provides an interesting geometric pattern that’s great if you just want to jazz up your entryway without adding color. You can still see through the lattice, but it won’t allow detailed views of onlookers outside.

Etched Glass

If you have a brighter home exterior or would like your glass door to give off more light, etched glass is a good choice for this reason. Etching can be done in any number of patterns and designs, so choose one according to your taste. Etching isn’t meant for privacy purposes; instead, it adds interest to otherwise plain-looking glass doors.

Colored Glass

For maximum privacy—and even energy efficiency—you may want to consider colored glass. You have the option of matching your new front door with existing windows on your home or choosing a contrasting color for an especially bold exterior statement.

How to Choose

In the end, it all comes down to personal style. You will also want to consider your location and privacy concerns, then evaluate the amount of light you need in the immediate entryway. Sometimes you don’t even know what you want, which is where a professional design team can help.

When you’re choosing a new front door, don’t forget about the importance of selecting a quality glass option, too. Glass can add beauty and interest to any style of door, from traditional wood styles to sleek and modern iron doors. You can choose from a variety of tints, textures, and patterns to find the perfect look for your home. Plus, adding glass to your front door provides an extra layer of security and privacy for guests and passersby alike. So don’t shy away from this important detail—choose wisely and enjoy the results!

Glass is an important detail to include in your front door design. You can choose from many different tints, textures, and patterns to find the perfect look for your home. Glass can add an element of style without taking away from the original appearance you wanted. Pick a color to match with the exterior colors of your house or go bold with contrasting colors for an especially unique design!