9 Types of Wood Doors to Consider – Functionality & Aesthetics

9 Types of Wood Doors to Consider – Functionality & Aesthetics

There are several varieties of doors that can be used in buildings to restrict unauthorized access to enclosed spaces. Doors can be classified based on a slew of factors, including the materials they’re made from, their usage, and the mechanism for opening them – such as a swinging system. In terms of the material used, you can choose between wood, metal, and UPVC. 

A lot of homeowners prefer wood over other materials as it comes with scores of perks. First, wood is easily accessible in the market and can be custom made with different decorative finishes. Secondly, wood lends a rich sense of natural beauty, charm and coziness to any home. And finally, timber is inexpensive, which means even the most budget-conscious of buyers can afford it. 


9 Common Types of Wooden Doors Available Today

Let’s first set the record straight: In discussions revolving around the types of wooden doors, we’re not focusing on the different types of wood species used to make these doors. Sure, wooden doors can be made from hardwood like oak, or softwood like pine. 

In this scenario, however, we’re talking about the different styles of wooden doors currently trending on the market. The following are 9 common types of wooden doors you can add to your shopping list today. 


Paneled Doors

Paneled doors are among the classic wooden door designs used in residential properties. Their frame is made from wood, while shutter panels can have glass, plywood, or hardboard inserts for extra glamour. Paneled doors may also have rectangular or square patterns that are sculpted in a style that mimics one or more panels grooved on it. 

There are various panel interior door styles that are trending in modern homes, such as standard whole panel, three-panel mission, and five panel equal door. The popularity of paneled doors stems from the fact that they’re suitable for all types of environments. If you value versatility and straightforwardness in a wooden door, then a paneled door will be ideal for you.


Battened and Ledged Doors

Battened and ledged door designs are the most simple wooden door designs that have been used for ages. Most of these door styles consist of wooden battens with two diagonal braces and three vertical ledges (bottom, middle, and top).  Depending on one’s preferences, they can be either braced, or braced and framed, for better aesthetic appeal and added rigidity. 

Battened and ledged door style involves the use of 150mm battens and 20mm wooden boards. This design improves stability, making it ideal for narrow openings and external doors. Battened and ledged doors are typically used in toilets, bathrooms, and other related areas.


Laminated Core Flush Doors

Laminated core flush doors are great for business owners looking for wooden doors that can stand up to wear and tear without giving in easily. These solid-core doors are also known to be one of the most fire-resistant wooden door options available today. Perhaps the most noticeable advantage of these doors is their capability to withstand both interior and exterior usage. 

Laminated core flush doors are equipped with fine-grain patterns of wood veneer to withstand any humidity changes. With these types of doors, you don’t need to worry about the frequent expansion or contraction that’s common with other doors. 


Bifold Doors

Wooden bifold doors are a versatile choice for hotels, restaurants, and other rooms that depend on spacious lobbies or balconies extending to outer decks. They’re also an ideal option for business premises where an adjustable wall has to be incorporated without the hassle of having to build a new one. 

These wooden door styles comprise a pair of doors hinged together, with foldable panels that guarantee an unrestricted view of the outside environment. It offers a perfect approach of opening up the room to the external environment where natural light can find its way into the home interiors.


Wooden French Doors

A wooden French door style often serves as the main front door of most businesses or stores. This is a unique door style whose traditional design adds a warm look and charming touch to the enclosed space. When properly installed by a team of professionals, French doors can grant a home a sense of welcome. 

In the wooden French door style, three to four hinges are used to bind the doors together for a hassle-free opening on both sides. You may choose to use glass panels to highlight the design and accentuate the entire look. Many a time, French doors can be used as an exterior patio door, making the area look livelier and brighter.


Wooden Dutch Doors 

Wooden Dutch doors have distinctive old-world practicality and are a one-stop choice for stables. This door type consists of panels that split the bottom and top halves, allowing users to only open the upper section without unlatching the lower half. Its split style uses four hinges rather than the usual three on standard door types. 

Since Dutch doors are divided horizontally, they’re befitting for homes with kids and pets. They’re also ideal for use as a front door for offices with several sections as staff can pass documents without actually opening the door. If need be, the two halves can be bolted together into one and used as a regular door. 


Wooden Louvered Doors

Louvered doors are another popular option used in many homes and businesses. The louvered style is a unique door style that simultaneously tenders unparalleled privacy and excellent air flow.

Whether you intend to hide a large closet or operate a standard entryway, wooden louvered doors will do the trick. What’s more, these doors admit cool or warm air to travel between rooms even when the door is closed.


Barn Doors

Barn doors have become a trendy mainstay in many modern homes and farmhouses due to their ingenious ability to add the spectacular country vibe. Its vintage charm helps add style to bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, and so much more. 

The good thing about this wooden door style is that it can be mashed up with other machined hardware and decorative glass to bring about a wonderful package. With this wooden door style, you’ll find it easier than ever to block light, trim down sightlines and close off space without struggling. 


Hollow-Core Wooden Doors

Hollow-core wooden doors are typically used for interior passage doors in most business premises. They’re largely constructed with a thin layer of wood or fiberboard surrounding a honeycombed cardboard or plastic core. Hollow-core doors are price-friendly and ideal for those of us on a strict budget.

Not only are hollow-core interior doors incredibly lightweight, but also the easiest to install. This style of doors can also be used for bathrooms in new houses. The honeycomb core and frame team up to ensure rigidity and sound-blocking ability. 

Final Thought 

When building a new house or remodeling an old one, the types of doors you choose can make or break the entire architectural structure. Doors are a prominent aspect of any building, and you need to choose the best option with a sound balance between function and form. With the above 9 types of wooden doors to consider, we believe you are now well-equipped to make an informed purchase decision.