3 Reasons Bi-Fold Doors Are Perfect For Your Home

When designing new rooms, building a brand new house or just renovating, there are a million and one things to think about. You’ve probably got everything covered from floors to walls, but what about your doors? Picking the right doors can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your home, but sometimes they can be left to the last minute…

At One Source Windows & Doors, we understand how important your doors really are, which is why we offer truly beautiful bi-fold doors. We think they’re perfect for your home and here are our 3 reasons why…

bi-fold doors

1. Bi-Fold Doors Create More Space

The first reason many people choose bi-fold doors is because of the extra space that they create. Opening your standard hinge door tends to do nothing in a room, but opening a bi-fold door is like opening up a whole new world. Even with it closed, the glass panes give the illusion that each room is bigger than it is. Rooms can feel more open and bright, which also gives you much more flexibility in terms of decorating and interior design. Bi-fold doors work perfectly in large family homes, but they can also create space in smaller living areas. Townhouses or apartments can also benefit greatly from wide opening doors, as well as adding substantial value to the price of your home. You can have your bi-folded doors in exposed locations and not worry about wet weather. This means you can easily and safely connect your outdoor spaces such as a courtyard, balcony or patio.

2. You Can Connect Two Key Areas With Bi-Fold Doors

You have a beautiful patio and a beautiful living room, but there’s a wall and a tiny door blocking the way between the two. With a bi-fold door, you can instantly create a connection between them, turning both rooms into one large, flowing space. Residential bifold doors are absolutely perfect for bringing together two separate entertaining spaces such as barbecue and alfresco areas, patios, courtyards and even balconies. When the entertaining is over you simply slide the door back and the one area becomes two again. When closed, the rebated door stiles give a flush appearance, at the joint where the doors meet, giving you that polished look and protection from the weather too.

3. Custom Bi-Fold Doors Can Fit Any Space

You don’t have to own a giant living space to make bi-fold doors work, as each door is made to your own specifications. At One Source Windows & Doors, we have maximum heights and widths, which cater to every space from the tiny cottages to the castle-sized houses. When thinking about bi-fold doors it’s good to decide on a maximum overall width (up to 5400mm), as well as the size of the panels you would like. Our doors are perfect for those who have a larger space to fill, as we can design doors for any size. Contact Us Today to get started!